Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Lily Rose!

 Hello! Hope everyone has had a great week!  Last Friday was really my birthday but we held my party yesterday. I invited my friends but Paisley couldn't come because she is sick. We had a great time. Instead of gifts I asked my friends to bring bags of cat food and dog food to donate to our local Humane society. We recently added Sassy to our family. She has been a lot of fun and Hershey really likes her. They both came from the shelter so we wanted to help them out. Mom did surprise me with a gift though. And I was really surprised! Check out the pictures below from my party! There is a new girl that has moved into the neighborhood. I am going to invite her to go trick or treating with me and my friends on Halloween. Hopefully we can become great friends!

Catch ya later!
Lily Rose


  1. Aww happy birthday! Looks like you had a ton of fun, and it's sweet that you asked everybody to bring dog food to donate to the humane society! =)

  2. Happy Birthday! That is so kind that you asked everybody to bring donations!

  3. Love your pictures!!! And Happy Birthday!!