Friday, April 25, 2014

Felicity goes a'walkin!

 It was a warm late spring day. Felicity had finished her chores and Momma gave her permission to walk to the Cole's house to see Elizabeth. Felicity ditched her sun bonnet when Momma wasn't looking. Freckles didn't concern her very much anyway and the bonnet just got in the way of having fun. She thought she'd take her time on the walk to the Cole's. She was walking down the path and spotted some pretty purple flowers. "These would be wonderful to take back to Momma," she thought.

Soon, Felicity decided to walk to her favorite climbing tree. She loved sitting in this tree and watching the townspeople go by. Climbing the tree was very un-ladylike, Momma would be angry with her if she knew about it. Felicity was supposed to be acting like a gentlewoman and a gentlewoman certainly didn't climb trees.

 "Ahhhhhh, I love this warmer weather and I just can't wait until summer... I love going to Grandfather's plantation and spending time with him!"
"Well, I best be on my way to the Cole's.. I have lots of things to tell Elizabeth!"



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