Thursday, November 29, 2012

A surprise box!

 Hi, I was walking down the hallway this morning and I stopped because there was a box under the tree. Mom doesn't put presents under the tree this early.

 I sat down and looked at the box. There was a tag on the side that said from Santa. Open immediately.

 I took the lid off and an elf popped out! There was a note that said,
“This Christmas will be special; I’m so happy to be here, 
I’ve watched you from afar and in my heart you’ve grown dear. 
I made my way here with you as my guide, 
I am here to love you, to play and to hide!”
 I decided to name the elf, Ellie. She is so sweet, soft and huggable. She has blonde hair like me.

 She likes the Christmas tree and her outfit matches our decorations.

I think it will be a fun Christmas with Ellie the Elf. I'm glad Santa sent her all the way from the North pole. I will have to tell him in my letter I will take good care of her. Santa said he will get her on Christmas Eve so we only have a few weeks together. Do you have an elf come visit your house?

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