Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Hi! Lily Rose. Guess what today is? You guessed it! Halloween! I am making a treat to take to Claire's house because she is having a party!

                                              First you need Reese's and pretzel sticks! 

                                                            Unwrap a Reese's.

                                               Flip it upside down and stick a pretzel stick in it.

                                          Tada! A sweet and salty snack. A witch's broom!

                       Ok, I'm ready to go trick or treating with Claire before the party! I made                                   my costume myself. Do I look boooooootiful? I hope so!

                                           Hi, Claire! You make a good witch! Ready to go?

                                           Hope you have a Happy Halloween! Be safe!


  1. Very cute and LOVE the witches brooms, those were adorable .. and your costume was so cute, boo for Halloween ..