Friday, February 10, 2012

Down to the River (or creek)

Hey, Lily here! Today mom said we could go exploring at the creek! She said when she was little she used to play here all the time! Today is pretty cold, but mom said that is the best time to go because you don't have to worry about snakes as much as you do when it is warm.

Ok, so follow me!

This tree is like a cave! I bet all sorts of animals sleep in here!

Isn't it pretty? Listening to the water is so peaceful. Mom says we can come back and camp when it is warmer. Maybe I can even go swimming!

I found a tree to sit on! Looks like a storm made it fall across the creek! Well, it looks like it is going to rain soon (or maybe snow!) Until next time!

~ Lily Rose


  1. Eeewwweee what kind of snakes do you have there?? I hate snakes really bad.

    The creek is beautiful and it is fun to do things around the tree that fell .. I love walking across the trees like that and then swimming in the summer. We will love to see you have more adventures with the creek.


  2. Playing by the creek is one of my favorite things to do! We just had a big snow storm and it's too deep for me to walk in! Maybe I can get our person to take us there anyway. I love being outdoors.

    ~ Kiki