Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's that time of year!

Guess What!?! It's Christmas Break! I have a couple of important announcements, but first you know what I must do? Make out my wish list. It will be long like usual.
I like to sit by the tree when I make my list. Now, what order to put everything in? Hmmm

1. Doll 2. Outfit 3. Coloring pencils 4. Candy 5. Ariel Figurine 6. More Candy.....

I still have lots more to go!!

Whoo, Santa has his work cut out! I need a nap!

My announcements: I am changing schools. I have been off at a boarding school for ballet and now I am coming back home. I am excited. I have missed my family and my hometown friends. I will continue to study ballet, but on a smaller scale. Also, I have a penpal! She lives in London, England. Her name is Jayda. I hope we can meet some day. She said she is sending me something in the mail! What do you think it is?

Have a good week!


  1. You have a good long list for this year. We are not getting a big Christmas with gifts this year because Mama got us something big for all of us. I cannot wait to see it.

    How is school going? My sisters changed schools, it was all good and they love their new school. Do you like being at home much better? I would hate to go to a boarding school and leave my family.


  2. I love how long your Christmas list is. We wanted an old fashioned Christmas with a real wreath, poinsettas , and a real tree, but we have to wait and see about the real tree though. Depends on Mom's paycheck.

  3. Hey, Lily Rose!

    I hope you get everything on your list for Christmas this year. Which doll do you want? Felicity, since you have Elizabeth?

    I can't wait to hear more about Jayda from London! I have a friend in London, too, although we lost touch. I'd love her to come and study in the US someday.

    My twin sister attends the Paris Opera ballet school. She loves it so much that I doubt she'll ever want to leave! Are you sad that you're leaving your ballet school?