Thursday, August 5, 2010


Red runny nose....
Killer headache....

Hi. Its Mia again. Soooo I woke up with a good old fashioned summer cold. I am sneezing and coughing and have a fever. Mom says I have to stay in bed all day. I am equipped with everything I need though. Tissue, Nancy Drew book, Nellie, hot water bottle and my favorite pj's. Hopefully it won't last long and I can get out an play again. Lily wrote me she will be home soon. She has had a fun time on vacation and I can't wait to see what she brought me back from her trip!


  1. Ohhh no .. Get Well Soon .. it is no fun to be sick .. hope that Lily gets home soon so that you will have a friend at your side ..


  2. You looked so miserable, Mia! We are glad you got lots of rest. You should be feeling better by now. Hope you got outside for some fun play time. Is Lily Rose back from vacation?


    Lucie and Juliette